6HEAD 1788, Sydney, Australia

6HEAD 1788 is located in the old Campbell stores in Sydney, Australia.

6HEAD is a premium dining restaurant, which was featured on a television show, Australia by Design and was one of the top 5 restaurant designs in Australia 2019.

What we did: Design Concept, Storyboard, Design, Procurement & Import of Bespoke Pieces. In addition, we consulted with heritage architects during the design and construction phases of the project.

Client: 6HEAD 1788
Year: 2019
Category: Restaurant & Bar Design

Region: The Rocks, Australia
Size: 500qm

Rendered Services:

Concept Design

3D Development

Design Development Documentation

Material and Finishes Selection

Furniture Selection

Lighting Specifications & FF&E

Tender Documentation

Construction Documentation

Design Management Services


Located at (the)(Location Name), (Project / Brand Name) offers an (Theme) (dining Shopping / Workingplace, ect) experience set within a (richly layered) interior. A space designed to (Phrase - exude the warmth and familiarity of dropping into a friend’s place for dinner, whilst seamlessly transitioning from day to night.)

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