Calvin Janse van Vuuren

Senior Associate

Calvin Janse Van Vuuren, a Senior Associate at Design Partnership, is equally passionate about concept design based on Human Behaviour as he is about detailing those environments for seamless execution. “Commercial design needs to be both highly evocative human centred design solutions as well as highly practical solutions based on the constraints of budgets, environments, timelines and of course human ergonomics”.

With great people skills Calvin is driven by a desire to add continuous value to client’s projects and brands both on a personal and business level. Calvin is fastidious in supporting the team’s understanding and development of designs based on placing people at the heart of each problem and achieving results that also answer to budgets and ROI.

Passionate about life-long learning and empowerment, Calvin has a deep curiosity and yearning to solve problems in innovative, new, and creative ways in order to answer to the behaviour requirements of any given space. At the intersection of these two spheres is where Calvin’s pragmatic nature and leadership skills offer the most value.

Calvin lives by the motto, “the grass is green where you water it”.