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We believe in design for Human Behaviour*.

Understanding the purpose of a given space and knowing the actions and attitudes that will inhabit that space will lead to informed designs where humans behave more naturally, intuitively and more comfortably. Understanding and framing these behaviors, leads to more delightful human experiences. This in turn leads to better sales and consumer loyalty. No amount of design will ever be successful without placing predictive human behavior at the heart of any given design problem 1st. Its starts and ends there.

*Human Behaviour is the function of the actions and attitudes of people within a given environment. It is a set of behaviours possessed by humans influenced by customs, attitudes, emotions, values, aesthetics, power, persuasion and genetics

*Proxemic Behaviour. The way in which people interact with each other and a space is driven by touch (haptics), body movement, (kinesics), paralanguage (language, pitch and tonality) and chronemics (structure of time)

Our Process

Our process starts with understanding you, your business and your customers. That being said, you are not our customer. Your customers are. We design for them. Their needs and their behavior. Its all about understanding how they behave naturally within specific environments and differs vastly across the various categories of Retail, Restaurants, Bars and Workplace. Our job is to understand how we can best frame those predictive behaviors within these categories and design environments that will result in much more delightful customer experiences. Happy customer, Happy Client.


In order to start the process within your category, please feel free to download a free Human Behaviour survey form, by clicking the button below. Whether you decide to use us or someone else, these sets of forms will be a handy 1st step towards your new journey.