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.html) ------ peterkelly It looks like one of the earlier releases of Impressionism. fosco > User Guide: [ oh.. I thought this was the most recent version pattisapu This looks pretty cool! JamesCoyne sexy tuananh anybody tried this yet? is it worth it? Q: Binding to Dependency Property in another namespace So I am attempting to reference a property from a derived class (Which is in a different namespace from the main application) to a button. For some reason, my property binding is unable to find the property, despite both properties being in the same namespace. Below is the code for the object with the dependency property that I am attempting to bind to the button: using System.Windows.Controls; namespace Project { public partial class Settings : UserControl public Settings() { InitializeComponent(); this.Focus(); } public static readonly DependencyProperty BasePreferencesProperty = DependencyProperty.Register("BasePreferences", typeof(BasePreferences), typeof(Settings), new PropertyMetadata()); public BasePreferences BasePreferences get { return (BasePreferences)GetValue(BasePreferencesProperty); } set { SetValue(BasePreferencesProperty, value); } } And the XAML for the button which tries to reference the property from the Settings class: I have also tried renaming the namespace and/or property to see if it makes a difference. A: In XAML when you are binding to an object property, you need to use the full name of the property, e.g.



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Crack.32Bit.RamPatch.v1.0.Windows.7.32bit.rar dermar
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