Roberto Zambri

Senior Associate

Senior Design Associate, Roberto Zambri’s, multi-disciplinary role within Design Partnership South Africa and Design Partnership Australia has equipped him with the ability to synergise the binary relationship between great design experiences, and business growth and development.

Roberto is a multi-award winning Interior Designer from Greenside Design Center, Johannesburg. He graduated top of his class, cum laude, and won the acclaimed Loeries award in the category of Architecture, Interior Design and Temporary Structures shortly after. His accolades aside, Roberto has spent most of his professional career with Design Partnership fine tuning his skills in hospitality and human behavioural design. This has, consequently, enabled him to work on internationally renowned projects in cosmopolitan locations such as Dubai, Kuwait, London, Australia and Pakistan

Roberto’s favourite quote is, “There is no design without discipline. There is no discipline without intelligence”. Massimo Vignelli

He lives by the motto